Before marrying you are free to make a choice, but once you are married, you have no right to change partners four or five times. Once married you must be faithful.

Similarly, before deciding to follow a Master, you are free to reflect and study the question and even to be a little wary. It is perfectly acceptable to try and find out whether a Master corresponds to your mentality, ideals and aspirations; whether their teaching is suited to your deepest nature.

But once you have committed yourself to a Master, it would be very detrimental to your evolution if you were not faithful to him. How can you hope to build anything solid and stable within yourself if you go from one teaching to another as the whim takes you? Spiritual experience does not consist of a series of encounters with different Masters – Hindu, Sufi, Zen, and so on.

Spiritual experience is a furrow that we plough within ourselves, an inner groove that we continually deepen.

But how can anything reach any depth within you if you keep changing direction and following different guides?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov