Work is the only thing that matters, and once a disciple has found the only true work, they never stop working. I remember that Master Peter Deunov often used to repeat the three words, ‘Rabota, rabota, rabota.

Vreme, vreme, vreme.

Vera, vera, vera.’ ‘Work, work, work.

Time, time, time. Faith, faith, faith.’ He never explained why he repeated these words but having thought about it a great deal, I came to understand that these three words summed up a whole philosophy.

So work, but also have faith, for you need faith in order to undertake and persevere with the work. But above all you need time.

An ardent desire is not enough to achieve something rapidly. I know now what ‘vreme’ means: years and years have gone by and have shown me how important ‘vreme’ is.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov