In the rest of the universe, the earth is not considered to be a place of privilege; it is not an honour to be here. The earth is a reformatory and human beings are sent here for training, to learn to be better human beings.

But this will not always be the case, for the earth is also a vast field in which countless beings work and cultivate the soil according to the Lord’s instructions. At the moment, part of this field is still lying fallow; it is going to take hundreds and thousands of years before it is fully productive.

But conditions are improving regularly and one day the earth will be a garden full of flowers, a divine orchard. It will truly be the kingdom of God and its inhabitants will be the children of light and love.

For a very long time now, billions of beings have been working here, voluntarily committed to a task so gigantic that very few of you can have any notion of it.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov