A disciple is expected to be capable of understanding and studying the basic notions of Initiatic Science. In the past, someone who wished to be admitted to an initiatic school had to undergo trials designed to reveal their psychic abilities.

For example, they were shut up in a room, given a drawing of a geometrical figure (a circle, a square or a triangle) and told to interpret it. They were left there for several days with a bit of food and water, after which they were asked to explain what they had learned from their meditations.

Depending on their interpretation of the figure, they were granted or refused admission to the school. Nowadays, initiatic schools are open to all.

In one way this is good, for it means that every individual, each at their own level – and provided of course that they are sincere – can find at least one truth that will help them to advance.

But those who make no attempt to probe more deeply into the teaching they receive are in great danger, for they get everything mixed up and can lapse into utter nonsense.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov