Sometimes you feel tired, and doubts set in. You wonder if your efforts to stick to the right path, to reach greater heights and surpass yourself, are really worth it.

You are tempted to abandon the struggle.

Well, this is the very moment when you should be particularly careful and watchful, knowing what will happen if you turn back now.

Tell yourself, ‘True, I’m a bit tired right now and I don’t feel like going forward, but soon this will pass; in the meantime I must hang on.’
Look at how everything in life passes: spring gives way to summer, then comes autumn, followed by winter. And once again, after winter comes spring.

So why wouldn’t there be cycles or seasons within you too? Say to yourself, ‘Right, I just have to wait for this winter to pass, and then things will start to get better.’ This is how you should reason, and above all, never give up, for it is much harder to get back on the path of light again.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov