We often complain that God is cruel, unloving and unjust, but it is really our thoughts that are unjust. We think that we deserve every joy and success, and if misfortune befalls us, we think that it was sent from heaven for no good reason.

We forget that each day, God enables us to hear and to see, to breathe, walk, feel and think. How ungrateful we are! Instead of bothering the Lord with our constant claims and complaints, we should remember each day the colossal debt that we owe him.

Otherwise, we shall lose everything. If we do not appreciate our good health, we shall fall ill.

If we take our brain, our eyes, or our ears for granted, we shall become stupid, blind and deaf. It is only when we lose one of these treasures that we begin to understand how much they mean to us.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov