You need to be aware of how dangerous it is to linger in the grip of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings. No one can avoid feelings of disappointment, sorrow or annoyance, but you must try not to wallow in them, or you will end up being completely shackled and overwhelmed.

Take advantage of the window of time in which you can still easily extricate yourself. Do not remain on that level wrestling with such feelings; you are simply not equal to it.

Struggling in the dark has never made the light shine forth; you have to get out of the hole you are in.

If you persist in feeling disgruntled, jealous, bitter or angry, these sentiments will eventually gain the upper hand and destroy you.

So make every effort to snap out of this state and rise above it, replacing your negative thoughts and feelings with more positive ones – this is how you will be saved.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov