Everyone wants their efforts to be appreciated and recognized, and if this does not happen, they feel let down and bitter, it eats away at them. Well, this is a weakness, and disciples must rid themselves of it.

From the moment they are conscious that their actions are selfless, luminous and of benefit to others, and they trust in cosmic laws, they then know they will one day receive the appreciation and honours they deserve.

For if there is one thing you must believe in, it is that there are laws in the universe.

Every word you say, every gesture you make, every one of your thoughts and desires are immediately recorded and filed, and will one day bring results. These are the laws on which you should count because they will never change, while everything else around you can change.

Sooner or later, these laws will render you your just desserts, according to the way in which you have carried out your life’s work. So rely on nothing but your own work.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov