The lower nature within us is as strong as it is because over the centuries, it has had to overcome great obstacles, which forced it to protect itself by every means possible. Now, it is very difficult to get the better of it; in fact, you cannot defeat it on your own.

If you try to go against your lower nature single-handed, you will lose the contest. In order to dominate it, you must call upon higher forces – Divine intelligence and light – and cling to them.

Do not put too much faith in your own capabilities: your lower nature has developed so much power in its struggle to survive, that now it does not back down from anything; it only bows before the divine world. If you confront it without bearing heavenly arms, without light, it will not acknowledge you.

It will say ‘You are not my tamer!’ and will attack and devour you. The true tamer is God himself.

God, who has created all things, is the only one who knows how to keep this monster in check.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov