Take a good look at all the knowledge, ideas, and opinions you have always accepted. Examine them closely, and ask yourself if they are in keeping with the philosophy of the Initiates.

If they are, amplify, strengthen, and deepen them.

But if there are notions that go against this philosophy, you must realize that you would do better to discard them, for they will only lead you astray and create difficulties for you.

So cast them off – you will feel so relieved, so much freer! You will see your way so much more clearly! If at present, you are still groping about in the dark, it is because you are encumbered with too many things that weigh you down – it is time you sought light and weightlessness. Your work now must be to learn what to reject and what to keep.

It is a very, very serious matter. If you fail to do this now, the years will pass and you will always feel that you are being pulled every which way, weighed down by doubts and uncertainties.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov