All human beings without exception seek consciously or unconsciously to give meaning to their lives.

We all need a reason for existing, and we try to find it every day in all the different aspects presented to us by our family, social and professional lives.
But in reality, neither material success nor possessions can give them the meaning of life for in fact it is a ‘sense’, and sense is not something material.

We can find it only very high up on the subtle planes. Lower down, we can only find forms.

Of course, the feelings and sensations born of a great love for an object, a person or an activity can give content to a form, but feelings are volatile, and sooner or later, we are left to suffer from a sense of emptiness. So we must look beyond the content for the meaning.

Once you have found meaning, you have found fulfilment.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov