Feelings rather than thoughts drive human beings to act, because by nature, feelings always want to express themselves through actions. Take one of the most common examples in everyday life: a man may think of a woman, but as long as he has no feelings for her, he leaves her alone.

But then he begins to feel something, and since feelings refuse to wait, off he races to meet this woman, buy her flowers and court her.
It is difficult for thought to influence the physical body without using feelings as an intermediary. If your actions are inspired purely by reason, your motives may be perfectly clear, but your heart will not be in what you do.

We can act without our feelings being involved, but we will not have much of an appetite for it, and sometimes, we may even forget why we are doing it.

But if our feelings are involved it is a different matter! Of course, this does not necessarily mean that we know better, and we often make things worse by forging ahead blindly, but at least we know what is driving us!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov