Very few things are truly necessary in life. We have to wear clothing to protect our bodies, but however much we may like ribbons and lace, they cannot be considered essential.

We need the shelter of a house that has walls, a roof and windows; pictures, carpets and knick-knacks may add an aesthetic touch, but they are secondary. And to nourish ourselves, very few kinds of food are really indispensable.

If so many different dishes exist, it is because variety is pleasing to the palate. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said, ‘Give us this day our daily bread’.

He did not ask for butter, cheese or sausages, no, just bread – he mentioned what was essential.
We need very little to sustain life: bread, water, air, light and heat. If we transpose these basic elements onto the spiritual and divine planes, we shall find everything we need for perfect fulfilment.

All the rest may be good, but it is not essential.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov