It is said in Initiatic science that anyone who has not been the target of evil’s utmost hatred cannot receive the supreme initiation. Yes, you must be hated and opposed by evil and if, despite its attacks, you continue to follow a divine path, this proves your noble elevation.
If evil detests you, it means that you are not its ally; if you were, it would protect and coddle you, rocking you to sleep so as to keep you by its side a little while longer.

But if you escape its clutches and refuse to be at its service, then you incur its enmity.

Moreover, it is precisely this enmity that can be your stepping-stone to great heights.

All the great initiates have encountered the implacable, relentless hatred of evil. But those who knew how to interpret this could see in it a clear sign.

Of course, the ignorant pitied them and deplored their destiny, but those who understood rejoiced and said, ‘They are destined to reach the heights.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov