Nature closes its doors to those who do not respect it, that is, who seek only to exploit it for their own narrow and selfish ends. Yet this is exactly the attitude human beings have towards the earth, water, air, the sun and the other planets.

Do you really think that the conquest of space is driven by altruism?
Many people will say that they do not care if nature closes its doors to them. Perhaps, but if they continue this way, nature will not only close itself off to them, it will strike back.

Then, they will have no choice but to understand and change their attitude, which expresses a lack of intelligence, a lack of love, a lack of will – a lack of everything. A lack of intelligence because they fail to understand the laws of nature; a lack of heart because if they loved the beings that inhabit nature, they would not be so cruel as to destroy them; and a lack of will because they always choose the path of least resistance.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov