A Master is like a father or mother who educates you, and just as you must not remain with your father or mother forever, your goal must not be to cling to your Master, but to go towards God.

Moreover, your Master does not stay still either, he too goes towards God, and you must follow him to reach God.

The point of departure is God, and the destination is also God.
You will say, ‘So, my father and mother do not count?’ They were like entrepreneurs; they built your body, your house – a cabin or a temple, it depends. ‘But I want them to be with me.’ Well then, encourage them along your path.

But if they do not wish to follow you, you should not stay with them, that is to say, remain at their level. This is why Jesus said, ‘You will leave your father and your mother, and you will follow me.’ But he never said to leave your father and mother if they walk with you.

How can you leave someone who walks alongside you?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov