Someone presents you with a loaf of bread and says, ‘It’s really good, it will give you strength.’ You take it and eat it, and it makes you sick, so in fact, this bread is bad. The proof is clear – you must not keep eating it.

Someone else brings you another loaf of bread, and after having eaten it, you feel great. This proves that their bread is good.

The same holds true in every field.
Someone tells you about a philosophy, saying that it is the best, that you should adopt it. Well, do a little checking.

If you begin to see more clearly, if you feel more love, impetus, and inspiration in your heart, if your will to work and resolve every problem becomes stronger, then accept this philosophy. Even if a tramp or an outcast presents it to you, it is excellent.

You have the proof.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov