The highest ideal is to model oneself on the sun: its life, warmth and light. If your model is a scholar, a writer, a philosopher, or even a hero or a saint, you will no doubt be influenced by their qualities and virtues, but there will always be something missing.

Even if you take the greatest masters of humanity as your model, you will still not have an image of true perfection.
The image of perfection is the sun; and if, in the desire to give light, warmth and life to creatures, you take the sun as your model, you yourself will be transformed. For even if you never obtain the sun’s light, warmth and life, the very desire to acquire them will propel you to the celestial regions where you will truly accomplish marvels.

Your desire to give light, warmth and life will make you more luminous, warmer and more alive.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov