Even if science continues to invent more and more ways of making life easier – and indeed, it will – human beings must not stop making efforts. If it becomes easier for them to act upon exterior material, so much the better! However, they should then devote a little more of their free time to working on their inner matter, to mastering and spiritualizing it, so as to perfect themselves and become a beneficial presence for the whole world.

With every effort, with every exercise, life takes on another colour, another flavour.
So many people who have everything in life are so jaded that they no longer feel anything! Yes, because there is absolutely no activity going on inside, no intensity to their life. If they were enlightened, they would continue to take advantage of all the material possibilities without ceasing their inner work.

Because it is this work that gives everything its flavour.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov