A mantra, a sacred formula is like a mould that must be filled with intense life, that is to say, with love and faith.

When a formula is spoken out loud, it sets in motion currents that rise through the heavenly hierarchies up to the throne of God.

A formula must always be pronounced at least three times in order to reach the three worlds – physical, spiritual and divine. Tireless repetition of the same formula penetrates the depth of the subconscious where the roots of our being lie, and it is there, in the roots of our being, that we have great possibilities of transformation.
It is important to pronounce the formulas aloud because sound is extremely powerful on the physical plane.

If you think a formula without saying it, its forces accumulate only on the mental plane and nothing happens on the physical plane. The spoken word is necessary in order to give invisible forces the power to act.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov