The world in recent years seems to have taken a crazy turn. Social events, political and environmental issues are becoming increasingly unreliable, sometimes disturbing.

Others are coming but do not let be scared. Our interest is not there.

The news through the scandals of all kinds, every day offers a worldview that we did not know or that we chose to ignore.

Human being, when he is wondering to give meaning to his life, looking for landmarks but found no more like the past. He does not understand this world sometimes he created himself.

What mankind has long perpetuated by selfishness or by simply choosing not to do or know, is now revealed to him.

The outside world in its abuses and its joys is a mirror to show how man lives in his heart.

The problem today is not atomic energy, but the hearts of men.” A. Einstein

In reality, the world has more meaning than one might imagine. Everything has its reason for being in this great piece of theater. Consider just the height, change our outlook …

The tragic events are there to make us aware. Consider them as an opportunity to change to be fully responsible for ourselves.

You do not have to keep any master, god, school of thought etc. .. Learn to think and feel for yourself and give always question your beliefs because everything changes.

Grasp the scope of our actions, but let us not be trapped by suffering, emotions, compassions unlit. All of this must catalyze ourselves and size who we want to be.

Seek the truth, cherish knowledge, talk to your heart all understanding and you will see the joy, serenity, intelligence, lucidity advertise inside and around you.

We are creators. Peace, Wisdom and Love to all of us.

Work on yourself and your world will be better. It is a certainty!

Reality-Choice is a platform freely available in the desire and respect for opinions. Everything can and must be questioned. There is no fortress to protect but ideas and feelings to live.

I hope that people will not take what is said as truth, but discover it by themselves, because the truth is not told, it is realized.” Peter Joseph

Everyone is invited to share information it deems useful and share them with the great majority of people.

This may be part of a political, ecological, medical news, a discovery, an information, a channeling, etc., … no matter if it provides an opening to the world about what is true or hidden and can offer us an opportunity to change our view of ourselves and the world.

May all men remember that they are brothers” Voltaire


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