alexis karpouzos

Alexis karpouzos (born April 09, 1967, Athens city, Greece) is an Greek-born philosopher and psychological theorist. His work focuses mainly on creating an "universal theory of consciousness" in which the insights of eastern and asian mysticism, the Hegel’s dialectical ontology, the post-philosophical thought of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Husserl, Heidegger, also the modern physics and the higher mathematics come together to form a coherent picture of the Kosmos. In 1998 alexis karpouzos founded the international center of learning, research and culutre, a wisdom forum for studying issues of science and society in an integral way. He has been a visioner in the development of post-history sense of cosmic unity and the integral consciousness. The poetic thought of Alexis karpouzos is a expressions of soul's inner experiences, expression of universality. The inspiring visual images and the symbolic use of language offer a description of elevating experiences of consciousness, a glimpse of higher worlds. The philosophy of alexis karpouzos speak to the human experience from a universal perspective, trancending all religions, cultural and national boundaries. Using vivid images and a direct language that speaks to the heart, his philosophy evokes a sense of deep communication with the collective unconscious, a sense of connection to all the creatures of the world, compassion for others, admiration for the beauty of nature, reverence for all life, and an abiding faith in the invisible touch of world. Alexis karpouzos thoughts are often terse and paradoxical, challenging us to to break out of the box of limiting beliefs and see things from a new perspective. Above all, alexis karpouzos continually calls to us to wake up and exlpore the mysteries within our own selves, i.e the mysteries of universe.


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Let your voice rise - alexis karpouzos

In every fallen star, in every fallen tear, in every courageou s heart love lead truth through fear is the reason we breath. So live out loud let your voice rise let it soar through clouds let it break the sky to show we are united.

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Every breath - alexis karpouzos

Mountains fall and seas divide and impossible things may seem but where there’s despair there is and faith and where there’s sadness the consolation is near. Every breath is a chance to reborn, but to be reborn you have to die before dying.

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Lift me higher - alexis karpouzos

''God, why give Wings for the angels, but feet for people? . ''You were born to dream, you were born to love''. ''Give me wine. Give me bread, Lift me higher! Lift me higher! From this sphere of earthly dross, redeem me from the clay!

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We are dead and alive— alexis karpouzos

When day comes we ask ourselves where can we find light in this never ending shade? The loss we carry, a ocean we must wade. We braved the belly of the beast. I have seen you in millions of places. I met you in a million forms. We met among the ruins, the ashes and the bones, we lost them all, but we found each other, I saw your lion heart, and it pulled me. I saw the creation and the destruction in your eyes. I see you here in the mud, on the rock, in the rays of the rising sun. We are Dead and alive, we saw a thousand Christs go by As they went up to Calvary but The dove it found no resting place. You were where our solar system was formed, you whispered something to me for eternal love and then you fell from my hands and everything became fire. All the myths always showed you. We are... 

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The mystery - alexis karpouzos

I came into existence, naked yet clothed with innocence and unaware, bathed with my mother’s blood, old folks heard me cry and were so glad. I came not into this unknown sphere by my own will and I will not leave of my own will but i will drink the wine of the mystery and become drunk with anguish, fear and love. So short, so precious a life, a fragile life under threat.

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Loneliness - alexis karpouzos

Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day, and sleeps with us through the night, Tears that is not visible to the naked eye, silent screams that no one can hear, feeling of relentless distress, Trapped with nowhere to turn, life is changing beyond our control, someone else is pulling the strings, causing this deep ache in the bottom of our soul. but remember, for every soul there is a soul that touches yours – Be it the slightest contact – always there is a gleam of faith in the darkening sky; always there is a glimpse of brigther skies To brave the thickening ills of life; To make this life worthwhile.

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The earth wonders — alexis karpouzos

The sky touches the face of the blue earth and whispers, ‘’I am so yours’’. The earth wonders, ‘’How could that be. You are boundless. You have so starries jewels in your treasure, stars, suns and moons, and i , I am little, I have no own light. And Beyond that, in the modern era, in the Barbaric greed of civilization, I feel, a thousand deaths on my body, no more flowers left to bloom, no more harvest to reap, tears have become irony, fades daylight’’. And the sky replies, ‘’I know, They came with iron chains, claws sharper than the wolves, came hordes of hunters with perverted eyes of contempt. But, even if your tears are restive your heart glistening in trampled darkness’’.

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The children of world - alexis karpouzos

The tears of a child, the pain of a mother! A heart full of memories of a dead father! Here's so much sorrow, in every eye. Nothing but hurt left here, Nothing but bullets, pain, misery and shattered dreams ... Yet for the children of world only one equation counts: their shared humanity. We will gather together as brothers, We will gather together as brothers. and we will live in solidarity with others in this world, we are the thirsty souls of a world without divisions. If we merge mercy with might and might with right, then love becomes our legacy and change, our children's birth right. Let's step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid and don't trust any immortalist. The dove will find a resting place!!

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Invisible intelligence - alexis karpouzos

Embracing our oneness with nature be key to our survival. The unity is the invisible Intelligence and is embedded in the rhythms and relationships that observed in nature, we are the work of this cosmic intelligence. What is good for the whole system? On Earth, to the web of life on the planet, what is good for the whole system is good for us all. However, what may be good for a few of us in the short term is not necessarily good for the whole system. Because a few can distort the dynamic, the structure of the whole, by biasing it to work for their immediate benefit, for greed, selfishness and vanity. So, let’s look at the whole system, let us act as if we are part of it—because we are. We are part of nature, and nature is part of the universe. This recognition is probably the deepest... 

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Cosmic conversations - alexis karpouzos

We live in a universe that can be seen and experienced from many different perspectives. We therefore need to look at the universe from many different angles. Everything and everyone is a form of the universe being expressed in a particular way. In other words, each one of us can say with absolute certainly “We are the Universe!” Since we are the universe, each one of us provides a valuable perspective that complements the contributions of everyone and everything else around us.Each of us is the universe being expressed in a particular location in a specific way. We’re all part of the same moving and evolving cosmos, but the view of it is unique from each of our respective locations. This suggests that the universe is not only omnicentric, but that it is also multiperspectival... 

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Evolution of consciousness - alexis karpouzos

The challenge for humanity now is to transform and transcend our fractured views of the world, to shift paradigms, to return to a more wise and holistic understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe. A change in thinking and behavior will result naturally from a change of heart. As Einstein put it, “Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Once enough of us open our minds and collaborate together, there’s a good chance we’ll find many of our problems can be solved quite easily. By aligning our species with the wisdom of Nature (and our own hearts), the health of our planet and communities could be restored. We just need to recognize our interdependence... 

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Dream of universe - alexis karpouzos

We belong to a dynamic-participatory unfolding universe that inspires wonder, awe, and creativity. We are an integral part of the universe. Our Universe exists as a unified field or whole. Creative energy swirling as atoms, giving rise to molecules, forming galaxies, stars, planets, mountains, rivers and the bodies of all living beings. If this is so, why do we not “see” the world this way, experience our lives for the miracle it is? Forests, lovers, galaxies, flowers, rivers, mountains, moons and countless living beings- our Universe moves and dances as each of us. Born of Earth, animated by solar winds , we are the children of evolution’s story, Nature’s emergence on the stage of cosmic history. Birds calling, hurricanes swirling, bees passing by, waves crashing on beaches,... 

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