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Beyond the Matrix

The Matrix is opaque and dissonant, like neon in fog. Cluttered with the filler materials of our lives, it weighs us down in the density, clipping our wings, holding us captive in its web. The Matrix is limited and confining, painting us into its grids of sameness: masked bandits in a hall of mirrors. Loud and cacophonous, the Matrix tears at our inner and outer worlds with the noise of chaotic frenzy - banging the drum, sounding the horn. It is the superfluous impulse of demand and desire, the prison of those who do not believe. Dark and determined, the Matrix exists to enclose our minds in a cage, in a cube, in a box, in a corner - crouched in cells of our own making, where fear is the gatekeeper and... 

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Let’s End The Destruction Of The Deep Ocean !

PROTECT THE OCEAN’S DEPTHS 2013 is a crucial year for the protection of the deep sea: the European Commission has proposed a ban on bottom trawling, a practice described by scientists as the most destructive in history: huge weighted nets scrape the seabed at up to 1800 meters of depth and devastate ecosystems that are thousands of years old, while catching vulnerable species, some of which are endangered, in the process. In France, less than 10 vessels are involved in deep-sea bottom trawling. Six of them belong to the fleet of the retailer giant Intermarché. Despite receiving millions of euros in subsidies, these industrial vessels are in chronic deficit. Bottom trawling is a financial black hole that would not exist without our tax money. The fishing industry lobbies put pressure... 

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Life in Richness

~ Choose the right icon to start translation ~ Journaliste : Carine Phung Assistant plateau : Christophe Fender Photographe / Vidéaste : Yann Deva Sous licence CCO, Le Chou Brave 2013 Irène Grosjean

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