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Get over with the drama triangle Victim - Persecutor - Rescuer

Nowadays, many people feel so victimized at work, in their relationships, in their bodies, that they sometimes get sick. Here is how psychologist Stephen Karpman illustrated the dynamics in which we find ourselves when we feel victimized. Victim - Executioner - Savior The victim is in a dramatic triangle. She sees herself as the hero of the drama and sees life as something that happens to her and in the face of which she is at the mercy of external forces. This triangle helps to understand why we sometimes feel helpless. We can spend a lot of time in this dynamic. In the eyes of the victim, there are two categories of people: the executioners and the saviors. The executioner may be another person but it can also be a situation like a job loss or a problem where... 

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10 Tips for living better your Hypersensitivity!

What are the main signs of extreme sensitivity, and how to manage it on a daily basis? Practical advice of those who live it, to evolve normally in this world and make this trait of personality a strength. You are very sensitive to noise, crowds, odors? Do you have the impression of being constantly caught up in waves of emotions? You may be hypersensitive! How to manage this personality trait that tends to complicate everyday life? Already, stop considering that you have a "problem": between 15 and 20% of the population would be subject to it. Second good news: you can easily change certain conditions of your life to make your sensitivity not a handicap, but a strength. 5 signs that indicate you are hypersensitive 1- A super responsiveness to the environment For you, the little... 

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Renounce the Vows of Poverty

My beloved ones, I greet you with joy. Let's talk about spirituality and money. Through earthly history, embracing the state of poverty was considered a virtue. Most of you have experienced many expressions of life in which you have adopted the vow of poverty as a spiritual expression. You are spirits who have been reincarnated again and again on earth, in the service of the higher cause and to assist humanity in its evolution. For many millennia, this illusion of separation has existed between the world and the domain of God / Spirit. As we have indicated, it is because of the dual nature of your world that this appearance of separation has existed. It consists of a deep-seated belief that to truly serve one must give up all material desire. There are reasons for these austerity... 

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Hello everyone, These last days of old lives have come back to me in the face, all at the same time. I have always heard (at least since I became interested in spirituality) that we are multidimensional beings, with multiple lives all occurring at the same time, since time did not exist. So yes, in practice it's hard to conceive, but I did, and still do. We really ALL have this faculty, and especially since a few months. Just ask for access. On the other hand, one must think about knowing how to close the doors, and not to open any one. Personally, I did not ask anything, it happened like that at once. Basically, from what I understood, and if I'm not mistaken, to evolve my future "me", I have to evolve myself in this present moment and in this life, and for myself help, I reconnect... 

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Find / Give Meaning

Hello everyone, Throughout our spiritual journey we ask ourselves various questions. Who are we ? What is our place? What is the purpose of our existence on Earth? Or the eternal question: what is my mission? Sometimes answers will come by searching, experimenting, feeling, and other times will always remain the same question mark. What I learned from reading is that I am on Earth to experience and reconnect with the

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Live in a Family of Non-Spiritual People

"Do not forget who you are " Mufasa - The Lion King Hello everyone, Living in a family of non-awake ones can be, depending on how one sees things a blessing and a gift from heaven, or a heavy burden to bear. And even sometimes, a bit of both. Let me explain, when you go on a spiritual path you open your mind to another level of consciousness. The way you look at yourself, at Life, and at others changes completely. You learn that Life, the Great All is governed by certain laws and that you yourself are co-creator conscious or unconscious of some of your experiments. You understand the principle of duality (understanding does not necessarily mean accepting, I am talking about the personality, not the soul, because here again there are things I could never... 

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Some Tips for Couples of Twin Flames

It is important to care for one's own sensitivity, which is often exacerbated when you live with your twin soul ... The attraction is strong like that of two magnets in presence but at times the polarities of their magnetic fields reverse without warning. Doubt then appears. Is the one? she? Am I mistaken, all certainty is falling and it is mental confusion. To avoid tearing and not hurt the susceptibility of the other, it is best to take time away. For example: take a bath with essential oils when the other is in front of the TV, have one or two regenerative activities separately. All this gives the heart time to express itself despite our doubts and fears. Drop all judgment on the other, suddenly on oneself. Welcome the magnifying mirror effect. Involuntarily, by its mere presence,... 

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Ubiquity, Retrocognition, Transformation and Transposition

Hello everyone, Some spiritual abilities have the particularity to follow each other. When one appears, it is not unusual to see another time develop another. This is particularly the case of empathy and scanning. However, there are also abilities that seem isolated, as if they were there by chance and they went with nothing. Generally, we do not know what to do but they are there so we live with. Until the day one understands, until the day when one understands oneself. We discover the reasons for our coming, we accept them and everything takes on a clear meaning. Be careful, I'm not talking about people with extraordinary destinies. Capacities such as ubiquity or retrocognition are, all things considered, fairly widespread, even if all those who dispose of them do not develop... 

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The Era of Responsibility

In this phase of bifurcation and dark night of the collective soul for the human race which will gradually switch to another reality of perception, and in another perception of reality; we will also switch to higher levels of accountability and maturity. Indeed, the switch to a cosmic citizenship is a process that requires the individual to have exited the mental control perpetuated on this planet that we call a "prison planet", and reconnected to the higher aspects of his eternal identity, in order to reconnect to the multidimensional reality of existence, and to the fact that we co-existed with multitudes of other races in the Universe. When we live in the belief that we will die definitively at the end of our human existence, it does not encourage us to feel responsible for our... 

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The Empathy

It should be known that what characterizes an "empathetic" is his ability to feel the other. He has an unparalleled ability to feel the needs of the people in front of him, and to know how to respond to them. If we had to define an empathetic in a few words, that's what we would say about him: He is someone for whom human values ​​are extremely important. It is animated by an unparalleled will to want to please, and to want to create a world where well-being is erected in supreme value. What he hates above all else is conflict; and he works first to create harmony in the world. It is essential for him never to hurt the other. Because for him, he and the other are the same. Indeed, his ability to be touched by the other, removes any desire to strike the one who is in front of him... 

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Labradorite, a Stone with many Virtues

Labradorite, a stone with many virtues With its metallic luster dominated by blue, green and gold, labradorite is one of the most beloved stones in lithotherapy. Beyond its incredible beauty, it is a powerful crystal loaded with therapeutic properties. Let's discover together this powerful treasure of energy. Origin and history of labradorite Labradorite was discovered in Canada in 1770, more precisely in Labrador, by Moravian researchers who named it for the region. Today, it is found all over the world, whether in Finland, Madagascar, the United States or France. The Scandinavian peoples and the Eskimos connect labradorite to the aurora borealis, to which the gems have borrowed their magnificent iridescence. For the Inuit, the aurora would have been held captive on rocks... 

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The Art of Living

Our nature encourages us to seek happiness without respite. It is like a hunger in us, an irrepressible impulse, a hope that nourishes our days and our dreams. And then, at times, it arises from the depths of our hearts, without necessarily being attached to a particular circumstance, sometimes even in the middle of a difficult moment. It is a bubble of emptiness, a moment suspended, a lightness that has its weight, a presence. It is our hunger that finds its object, our pursuit, its reward and justification. It is Art that opens in the heart of our life. I want to believe that everyone has been able to experience it, men but also animals, everything that brings life, why not plants? Why not the cat suddenly subjugated, the light leaf that throbs in the breeze in the light of dawn? ... Is... 

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Our thoughts that materialize

"Regarding the matter, we were wrong. What we have called matter is only energy that has slowed down its vibration in order to be perceptible to our senses. There is no matter. " - Albert Einstein Humanity is becoming more and more conscious of it: All is energy. Which means that our thoughts, our words and our actions are. And if our thoughts carry an energy, they have a power of attraction and repulsion, we agree? According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. Already, it's stunning, but wait. 95% of these thoughts are the same as the day before and 80% of them are negative. Let's talk about the 95% repetitive first. On the one hand, it's almost alarming. On the other hand, it's normal. This... 

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3 ways to turn your high sensitivity into inner strength

Are you an hypersensitive person, and do you feel that it makes you vulnerable? Instead of fleeing and trying to correct your hypersensitivity, it is possible to make it an incomparable asset. Here's how to turn your great sensitivity into inner strength. How to turn your great sensitivity into inner strength? 1 - Protect yourself from negative energies The high receptivity that accompanies hypersensitivity can be experienced as a weakness because it makes you vulnerable to negative energies. To turn your great sensitivity into inner strength, you must protect yourself against all that is harmful by creating a kind of protective bubble. To do this, energy cleansing and purification rituals are your best allies. They can be made using elements known for their energetic power,... 

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Testimonies on the Law of the Triple Return in Magic

The practice of white magic can be accessible to all, but it is better to know all the ins and outs before getting started. The testimonies on the law of the triple return are far from being rare and suggest that it is a very real phenomenon, which you must be aware of. What is the law of the triple return? As the testimonies on the law of the triple return say, this strange phenomenon is governed by the following principle: all that you do, three times will come back to you. This rule is often enough to dissuade novices from trying magic. For many, and according to some testimonies on the law of the triple return, it is simply in the same sense as karma, that is to say that when someone hurt another one, he will suffer in return, and when he acts well, he will also take advantage... 

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