Love to smoke catnip. Ticket reserved for Ascension. I bribed an angel in order to reach my goals


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The day i will disappear

The day I am going to disappear, I will have been polite with life because I will have loved her and respected her a lot. I have never considered negligible the smell of lilacs, the sound of the wind in the leaves, the sound of the surf on the sand when the sea is calm, the lapping. All these moments that nature gives us, I loved them, cherished, pampered. I am polite, that's it. They are part of my walks and my amazing happy constantly renewed. The past is good, but the exaltation of the present is a way of being held, a duty. In our civilization, we mistreat the present, we are constantly striving towards what we would like to have, we are no longer amazed by what we have. We complain about what we would like to have. Funny mentality! To be satisfied, it is not pejorative.... 

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6 Signs that prove you are in a Toxic Relationship

To avoid such relationships that jeopardize our psychological well-being, it is essential to set limits immediately. Friends, family members or colleagues, those who have a toxic attitude towards us can be met in any place. At our place, at the workplace, or at the bar where we have coffee every day. These individuals, often referred to as "toxic people " (but an expression we will try to avoid to prevent any form of etiquette), can cause us significant pain or discomfort, usually have narcissistic traits and behavior that makes us feel guilty. impossible life. Being in contact with people with toxic behaviors can really put our health at risk. What are the signals that should worry you? It is not always clear whether our loved ones are toxic towards... 

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