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The Death of Queen Elizabeth II and an Object from a Parallel Universe

The idea of an object being transported from one universe into a parallel one is fairly easy to imagine, but the idea that it has actually happened is very hard to believe. It has been suggested that Be Still, My Throbbing Tattoo, a book which purports to tell the world “the truth about Queen Elizabeth II now that she is dead” can be made sense of if it is thought of as such an object. This is obviously quite a claim, and I would expect anyone’s initial reaction to it to be one of scepticism, but I would like to offer my reasons for not completely dismissing it. Also, since the book’s author, I.P. Snooks, is now sadly no longer with us, I would like to share what I know about the techniques he used to bring the text into existence as I had the good fortune to spend some time with... 

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