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Animal Communication

Every living being is composed of a Spirit (or soul) and a body or more exactly of several bodies, to the most tangible and material, the one that we are able to see, touch and feel, at the most subtle. Animals are not different from humans. That is why we can communicate with them, with the voice of the heart or from soul to soul. Some will say telepathy ... Whatever the vocabulary, the facts are there: we are able to communicate with animals, as with other humans, using this faculty buried deep in each of us, that is mediumship. Of course, just like for the use of a language other than our mother tongue, some will be " more talented than others " or at least, will have knowledge acquired previously. That is why, if we all have psychic... 

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There is a solution

There is. But you must keep going to find it. You cannot stop, you cannot give up. This is about more than just patience. This is about more than just persistence. This is about absolute knowing that God is on your side. When you know this, you never give up...and the sense of struggle goes away. You simply keep moving forward knowing that, in the end, all will work out. And that along the way there will be great insights and wonderful remembering. Neale Donald Walsch

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Thought of the Day

You sometimes meet very sensitive people and highly sensitive mediums who are in a deplorable state because they have no means of defending themselves against astral entities. It is good to be sensitive to the invisible world, provided you first exercise judgment and will-power. To make contact with the invisible world, you must abandon yourself, one way or another, to the influence of spirits. But not all spirits of the invisible world are favourably disposed towards human beings. Some take advantage of defenceless human beings and deceive them, use them and steal their energies. And after a while, these poor souls are completely exhausted and disoriented. It is not enough to feel an attraction for some aspects of occult sciences. A genuine master will tell you to wait the necessary... 

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Thought of the Day

When you are in sync with who-you-really-are, your emotions range from satisfaction to passion and enthusiasm for life. You feel clarity and certainty and interest in life. You feel fun. Your timing is good. You feel vitality. And then, what comes to you feels good to you-because Law of Attraction will not give to you something that you have not practiced.

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It does not take two people to make a conflict ...

It's okay to think it's the other guy who's wrong, not us. There is a popular idea that "it takes two people to make a conflict". This thought is useful because it can certainly be very true, and because it brings us back to our share of responsibility - which is the only thing we can change. And no matter who is responsible, blaming the other does not move anything forward. But there are times when this perspective is not only inadequate but harmful. Because yes, sometimes it's the other, not us. There are several possible scenarios that could be used as an example here, but let's say that if a person disrespects us, and refuses to recognize what they do when they say it, the conflict is certainly not caused by our opposition, but by the behavior that inspired it. There are times when... 

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Life on earth has more meaning than may be immediately apparent to you

Please do not think that all you are doing here is living until you die. If that were all that's happening, God would hardly take time to be involved. No, there is something else occurring. It has to do with the evolution of your soul. Do you want to know more about that; about how that occurs? Why not make it your business today to find out? Neale

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Thought of the Day

Continue tirelessly with the spiritual work you have started and let this work speak for you. Try not to impress others and attract their attention; it is your inner work that must speak, not you. You must not hide your aspirations for a new life of beauty, light and surpassing yourself, but you must not display them either. Since you are working on yourself and you have asked spirit to model and sculpt your inner being, let this show in the features of your face, in your attitude, and in your gestures. Stay simple and natural, don’t seek recognition with affected behaviour. Since you follow a spiritual teaching, know that your qualities of wisdom, purity, kindness and nobility will show through your expression and your attitude, without any need on your part to assume... 

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Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day ; Rage, rage, against dying of the light Tough wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay Rage, rage against dying of the light Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meters and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do... 

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Working hard is good, finishing things is better

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know... that working hard is good, but getting things done is better. Look to see how you are spending your day. Are you accomplishing anything? Is it anything that matters? You have only so much time here. Don't waste it. If you are really putting in a lot of effort, but not getting much done that matters, take a look at that. That's all I'm saying. Take a look. Love, Your Friend ... Neale

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Thought of the Day

The goal of life is, quite simply, to live; and we can live with all the creatures who inhabit the universe: not only with the spirits of nature, but with the angels, the archangels, and all the divinities everything. All of these are endlessly of the divine presence of God. But what is extraordinary is that this is not enough for human beings; They want God to come and see you in person. But for many, even this would not be sufficient. They would still manage to see nothing, hear nothing, and feel nothing - God would have come back to their armor. But he does not do this. He leaves human beings to discover him within themselves. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Thought of the Day

You do not know yet what attitude to adopt towards your faults. The bigger the defect, the more frightened, humiliated, and powerless you are in front of him, whereas you should be proud and feel strong. You think I'm kidding? Not at all. Think about: who formed this defect? It's you. Consciously or unconsciously, you have made it, fed it, it is the fruit of your desires or stubbornness. A defect is first and foremost something tiny - a thought, a feeling, a negative movement that you have accepted in yourself and nurtured. Gradually it grew like a snowball that you would have rolled, and it eventually became a mountain that obstructs your way. So, since it is you who are its father, the greater the defect, the more it proves your power! And if you did it what it became, why would not you be... 

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Why Is Intelligence Declining? Our Rulers Don’t Want You to Know

It’s a sure sign that a piece of “controversial science” is actually empirically accurate when our Cultural Marxist elite desperately tries to come up with some kind of environmental explanation for it, no matter how implausible. This means that the evidence is so overwhelming that it can’t be denied any longer. So it must, in some way, be due to human—and especially privileged human—behaviour. If it’s due to genetics, then environmental determinism is nonsense; and that’s unfair–unthinkable, even. This happened when the evidence for race differences in IQ became undeniable. And now it’s happening with evidence that, on average, we’re becoming less intelligent. As evidence that US blacks’ IQ is a standard deviation lower than that of whites mounted, risible attempts... 

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Sacred femininity and Jade egg pratices - Minke de Vos

Minka de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor, draws from her extensive background in energy arts and her own soul journey. She has dedicated over 25 years to spiritual embodiment, teaching and healing work. She co-founded Silent Ground Retreats, for long–term, life-transforming programs. Her profound Kundalini Awakening opened doors for universal wisdom to move through her. She has worked and co-taught with Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years and is part of the core faculty of the Universal Healing Tao System. She also co-teaches Healing Love with Michael Winn of the Healing Tao University each summer. She is a certified as Medical Qigong Master Therapist by the International Institute of Medical Qigong and has organized the training for 4 years in Vancouver, BC. She teaches... 

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Everything always comes from Myself

Start from the principle where it always comes from you. Everything always starts from you. Even what's wrong. Do you feel like these sentences can be guilty? And yet, to act with knowledge of this principle is a magic formula to put your finger exactly where it resists. A house that is hard to find, a project that takes time to launch, a baby that is desired ... Our life is marked by its own agenda that sometimes differs totally from the one we would have liked to post on our fridge. And why ? Because we simply forget this sentence: " Everything always comes from Myself ". If you do not find the ideal home, it may be because the criteria of the ideal decreed home have been combed through your mind that in good faith... 

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Illusion unmasked ...

No doubt, have you ever heard this very widespread precept in spiritual circles: "all is illusion". Rich in meaning, the understanding of this sentence opens on a greater lucidity about the human experience and the world in which we live. For this purpose, it is useful to know the different levels of illusion and to see how this understanding can illuminate our lives. We experience 4 levels of illusion: - Imagination - Reactivated memories - Offset ideas or beliefs - Everything is illusion, let's play now Imagination is used to invent beautiful stories, design projects or plan activities. This creative activity is very pleasant and is the prelude to our achievements. We need to believe a little bit in what we imagine, to project ourselves into a reality and begin... 

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