Our thoughts that materialize

" Regarding the matter, we were wrong. What we have called matter is only energy that has slowed down its vibration in order to be perceptible to our senses. There is no matter. " - Albert Einstein Humanity is becoming more and more conscious of it: All is energy. Which means that our thoughts, our words and our actions are. And if our thoughts carry an energy, they have a power of attraction and repulsion, we agree? According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. Already, it's stunning, but wait. 95% of these thoughts are the same as the day before and 80% of them are negative. Let's talk about the 95% repetitive first. On the one hand, it's almost alarming. On the other... 

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3 ways to turn your high sensitivity into inner strength

Are you an hypersensitive person, and do you feel that it makes you vulnerable? Instead of fleeing and trying to correct your hypersensitivity, it is possible to make it an incomparable asset. Here's how to turn your great sensitivity into inner strength. How to turn your great sensitivity into inner strength? 1 - Protect yourself from negative energies The high receptivity that accompanies hypersensitivity can be experienced as a weakness because it makes you vulnerable to negative energies. To turn your great sensitivity into inner strength, you must protect yourself against all that is harmful by creating a kind of protective bubble. To do this, energy cleansing and purification rituals are your best allies. They can be made using elements known for their energetic power,... 

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Testimonies on the Law of the Triple Return in Magic

The practice of white magic can be accessible to all, but it is better to know all the ins and outs before getting started. The testimonies on the law of the triple return are far from being rare and suggest that it is a very real phenomenon, which you must be aware of. What is the law of the triple return? As the testimonies on the law of the triple return say, this strange phenomenon is governed by the following principle: all that you do, three times will come back to you. This rule is often enough to dissuade novices from trying magic. For many, and according to some testimonies on the law of the triple return, it is simply in the same sense as karma, that is to say that when someone hurt another one, he will suffer in return, and when he acts well, he will also take advantage... 

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Sacred femininity and Jade egg pratices - Minke de Vos

Minka de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor, draws from her extensive background in energy arts and her own soul journey. She has dedicated over 25 years to spiritual embodiment, teaching and healing work. She co-founded Silent Ground Retreats, for long–term, life-transforming programs. Her profound Kundalini Awakening opened doors for universal wisdom to move through her. She has worked and co-taught with Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years and is part of the core faculty of the Universal Healing Tao System. She also co-teaches Healing Love with Michael Winn of the Healing Tao University each summer. She is a certified as Medical Qigong Master Therapist by the International Institute of Medical Qigong and has organized the training for 4 years in Vancouver, BC. She teaches... 

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Everything always comes from Myself

Start from the principle where it always comes from you. Everything always starts from you. Even what's wrong. Do you feel like these sentences can be guilty? And yet, to act with knowledge of this principle is a magic formula to put your finger exactly where it resists. A house that is hard to find, a project that takes time to launch, a baby that is desired ... Our life is marked by its own agenda that sometimes differs totally from the one we would have liked to post on our fridge. And why ? Because we simply forget this sentence: " Everything always comes from Myself ". If you do not find the ideal home, it may be because the criteria of the ideal decreed home have been combed through your mind that in good faith... 

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Illusion unmasked ...

No doubt, have you ever heard this very widespread precept in spiritual circles: "all is illusion". Rich in meaning, the understanding of this sentence opens on a greater lucidity about the human experience and the world in which we live. For this purpose, it is useful to know the different levels of illusion and to see how this understanding can illuminate our lives. We experience 4 levels of illusion: - Imagination - Reactivated memories - Offset ideas or beliefs - Everything is illusion, let's play now Imagination is used to invent beautiful stories, design projects or plan activities. This creative activity is very pleasant and is the prelude to our achievements. We need to believe a little bit in what we imagine, to project ourselves into a reality and begin... 

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Vibrate our original frequency

It is, in my opinion, essential today to any being wanting to help the Earth in its process of ascension, to establish in its life a Sacred Space of daily practice, allowing it to come into contact with the Original Frequency of its Soul . This essential and unique note that constitutes our essence, that we are truly beyond the sails of our Terrestrial (cultural, social, clan or karmic) conditioning, beyond the wounds (of this life or other lives) and who have been able to tarnish, deflect or paralyze the beautiful light of our soul. Earth's frequencies are intensifying day by day and we have no choice but to courageously move towards our deepest essence and learn to channel the energy intensity of this period, in a constructive way for ourselves and for Earth. Some seek their... 

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I don’t need you to complete Me

There is no need to try and fill the spaces that exist within my soul. I suppose there comes a time when we have to release everything that we thought we ever were what we even thought Love was supposed to be and instead try on our own version for size. But, I suppose the difference is when this occurs we might not even know what that means, except that it probably tastes a lot of like adventure, like the bubbles of champagne sipped at midnight when we’re on the brink of newness. See, I understand now that I’ve been travelling this path for some time, before I was even married I was on this journey of becoming everything that I was from the moment I first tasted the air of a hazy sunrise in the final moments of dawn; the instant where I stopped being anyone else’s and... 

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And if we were alone from the beginning?

Dear Spiritual Warriors, today I wanted to share some insights, hope it will resonate and bring you some inspiration! The ugly truth or the simplest truth is that even with all the friends in the world, or Girlfriends/Boyfriends at the end of the day you are alone in your bed… You fall as sleep with yourself, and only with yourself, you wake up with yourself and face yourself… Wherever you go in this world you will only be with yourself. Whoever you will meet, end of the day it will be you and yourself. Yes you will meet amazing people, some of them will simply cross your path, some of them will leave you a bitter feeling, others will pin a smile on your face for days, some will piss you off, or inspired you, challenged you, loved you, and some of them will change your life... 

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What Makes a Good Life?

Recently I watched an inspiring TED talk by Robert Waldinger on what constitutes a good life. He asked this very question to a group of people in their 20’s and majority of them had responses such as money, high achievement, and fame. But according to research conducted by Waldinger, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In his long running study on happiness, Waldinger found that what actually brings the most satisfaction in life is the quality of our relationships. When we surround ourselves with positive, loving relationships, whether it be with our friends, partner or family, we are happier, healthier, and more likely to live longer. Whereas people who feel lonely or are in toxic relationships, feel less satisfied and are more likely to suffer from poor health. This got... 

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Just Say No Thank You

During your great leaps in growth and learning, set backs may occur. When they do, it is time to take a moment and ask, “Is this self-created?” When you move forward, some of your old stuff may come back into play, creating little inconsistencies…glitches, if you will. (Smiling) It still wants to ‘play’ and bring, what it perceives as, a bit of balance to your peace. It is your choice as to whether you allow this to happen or not. It is possible, and you can live a life without chaos coming to call. All you have to do is ask. ~ Creator

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Intuitive Astrology: Eclipse Retrograde Season of 2018

It has been an interesting time in the cosmos over the last few months with many planets in retrograde and a string of three potent Eclipses. In fact, the Blood Moon Eclipse we had at the end of July was one of the longest and most potent eclipses we will ever experience. With all of this cosmic energy now slowly wrapping up and coming to an end, the lessons and gifts of the season may be becoming clearer. After all, the Universe wouldn’t put on a show like this if it didn’t want us to take away something. If we imagine this journey as a cycle, we are now entering towards the completion phase and we can look back and begin to make sense of what has been created. Even though all of this energy extends back further in time to 2008, for simplicity, think back to what was happening... 

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Monologues on Consciousness

Series of experimental art films of people talking about consciousness. Voices arranged in no particular order. It's not in the interests of big business, big government, big religion, big science, or your ego for you to hear this Volume I : Volume II : Volume III :

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Can Someone Really Put a Curse on You?

Is it really possible for someone to put a curse on you or send bad energy your way? The simple answer is yes, however, this doesn’t mean that the bad energy has to impact you. Just like you can send good wishes and vibes out into the Universe you can also send negative ones as well. These can be deliberate and conscious or they can be unconscious. Whenever we think badly about someone or feel jealous about someone, essentially we are sending them bad vibes, and these bad vibes don’t just effect the person but they also effect the environment and your own energy levels too. They also contribute to the lowering of consciousness for the entire planet. Sending out bad vibes or putting a curse on someone has consequences, which is why we want to think positively about ourselves and... 

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Solaris Alignment: Restoring the Organic Ascension

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ This sequence of events which migrates realities to the higher timelines, the New Earth experience, continues to unfold with increasing intensity. As the Divine forces hit the cosmic accelerator, we release, release, and release all of the disharmony connected to the old Self and lower timelines. A grand neutralization of distortion is underway. It feels personal because it is; Self-empowerment is key to the individual experience of Oneness with Source. We are preparing the fractals for reunification with the whole as a conscious, palpable experience. Remember the global purification experience depends on the actions and intentions of the awakened. Ascension is inevitable, we hit that mark years ago, however the unfoldment quickens with our ability to... 

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