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Hello everyone, Throughout our spiritual journey we ask ourselves various questions. Who are we ? What is our place? What is the purpose of our existence on Earth? Or the eternal question: what is my mission? Sometimes answers will come by searching, experimenting, feeling, and other times will always remain the same question mark. What I learned from reading is that I am on Earth to experience and reconnect with the

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Live in a Family of Non-Spiritual People

"Do not forget who you are " Mufasa - The Lion King Hello everyone, Living in a family of non-awake ones can be, depending on how one sees things a blessing and a gift from heaven, or a heavy burden to bear. And even sometimes, a bit of both. Let me explain, when you go on a spiritual path you open your mind to another level of consciousness. The way you look at yourself, at Life, and at others changes completely. You learn that Life, the Great All is governed by certain laws and that you yourself are co-creator conscious or unconscious of some of your experiments. You understand the principle of duality (understanding does not necessarily mean accepting, I am talking about the personality, not the soul, because here again there are things I could never... 

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Some Tips for Couples of Twin Flames

It is important to care for one's own sensitivity, which is often exacerbated when you live with your twin soul ... The attraction is strong like that of two magnets in presence but at times the polarities of their magnetic fields reverse without warning. Doubt then appears. Is the one? she? Am I mistaken, all certainty is falling and it is mental confusion. To avoid tearing and not hurt the susceptibility of the other, it is best to take time away. For example: take a bath with essential oils when the other is in front of the TV, have one or two regenerative activities separately. All this gives the heart time to express itself despite our doubts and fears. Drop all judgment on the other, suddenly on oneself. Welcome the magnifying mirror effect. Involuntarily, by its mere presence,... 

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Dare to show our greatness!

Yes, but… Part of us may seem to be doing quite well and have a great desire for success, joy, laughter, peace, sense of achievement and another part, may seem more difficult to manage. This heavier part puts us in front of our challenges, to the inner parts that are not yet illuminated or loved and pushes us to clean again and again what must be, so that true love and our light take their place . The current challenge is to dare to manifest our greatness! Dare to put into action what we do best even if it can disturb our habits and those of our loved ones. Dare to demonstrate on a grander level ... that means for some, to go from the amateur to the professional stage or for professionals to dare to undertake greater and especially more harmonious with life. More respect,... 

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Listen to your Angels

Traditionally, in the Catholic Church, October 2 is the feast of guardian angels. You can have a beautiful thought for your angels who, invisibly, are always with you. They advise you when you give them the opportunity, during meditation, internalization, quiet time or even when you sleep. They give you ideas ... Excerpt from a message from the angel Vasariah (nr 32 of the guardian angels): ... / The wise, balanced justice is an asset, and if you judge with the heart, the compassionate heart then you enter the clemency and you leave the judgment. You are in the acceptance of each other, in accepting each other's mistakes, and the more you accept each other's mistakes, the more you accept your own mistakes. As soon as an error is accepted, it can disappear. You've all made mistakes,... 

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6 Signs that you are in the last Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the process by which our soul, or consciousness, passes to be reborn in another physical body after death. Reincarnation is seen as an opportunity to learn, evolve or cancel karma. The soul goes through as many reincarnations as necessary to find enlightenment. Most people still have a lot to evolve, so they have new incarnations before them, but some have already reached the last stage of knowledge and are in their last reincarnation, free from the cycle of death and rebirth. Discover in this article: 6 signs that you are in the last reincarnation The absence of children Those who have children always have them as a source of attention and concern. The person who has had children in this reincarnation will not be free to evolve because even after death,... 

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3 Signs of Reincarnation that prove it's not your first time on Earth

Do you know that with some signs, you can know that you have already been reincarnated and that this is not your first time on Earth? This involves many differences with newcomers on Earth, who will certainly talk to you. Here are the signs of reincarnation, which safely indicate that your soul is much older than your physical body! Signs of reincarnation The first of three signs of reincarnation: you understand what happens before it happens When you have already reincarnated, you are able to quickly understand others, their actions and you have a great capacity for understanding the world around you through your sense of observation. You are very observant, and therefore you are able to intuitively guess others, even if you do not know them. You are able to see when someone... 

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3 Signs that Spirits are trying to contact You

When spirits try to contact you, they send you signs that attest to their presence, yet it is necessary to know how to interpret them. These signs mean that the spirits have a message to deliver you, it is not a mere presence, but a real contact that they are trying to create. If you recognize yourself in these signs, you will have to interpret the message of the spirits, to understand why they seek to contact you. Spirits try to contact you if you dream of a surprising reality In general, when we remember our dreams, they are often incoherent, even absurd. However, it may happen that we dream and that these dreams have the absolute appearance of reality. The reason is simple: it's the most common sign that spirits try to contact you. Why ? Simply because, when we sleep and when we... 

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Everything always comes from Myself

Start from the principle where it always comes from you. Everything always starts from you. Even what's wrong. Do you feel like these sentences can be guilt-inducing? And yet, to act with knowledge of this principle is a magic formula to put your finger exactly where it resists. A house that is hard to find, a project that takes time to launch, a baby that is desired ... Our life is marked by its own agenda that sometimes differs totally from the one we would have liked to post on our fridge. And why ? Because we simply forget this sentence: "Everything always comes from Myself ". If you do not find the ideal home, it may be because the criteria of the ideal decreed home have been combed through your mind that in good faith has analyzed what... 

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3 Signs that your Inner Shaman is rising

Some people have a shamanic soul, which they discover when their inner shaman is rising. These mysterious people enjoy a powerful connection with nature and the spiritual world, which they use to guide and heal others. To find out if this is your case, you need to spot the signs that indicate that your inner shaman is rising. Your inner shaman is rising if: ... You feel a connection with the fauna and flora One of the main signs that your inner shaman is rising is a growing sense of closeness to the fauna and flora. Shamans have always been connected to nature and animals, which they sometimes use as messengers. If you are more and more attentive to the environment around you, that you feel a certain connection with nature is that your natural inclination for shamanism awakens... 

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Forces of darkness? The "truth" behind religions.

In many religions and spiritual circles there is a suggestion that a dark/negative force of some sort exists. Whether it be the devil, mara, astral entities, archons, demons or similar. While these terms present a distorted picture, they do in a sense refer to a genuine non-physical phenomena. Maybe you have been involved with some strange paranormal/spiritual phenomena. Maybe you have sensed something deeply wrong with the world. Whatever experiences you have had in life, this 'dark force' is a genuine problem that exists. The troubles that it causes can be seen far and wide. It prevents people from truly living to their potential. This can be through various means such as attachments and addictions. Or people becoming obsessed with power and control. Is it something scary? Nope.... 

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To challenge yourself without judging yourself

To challenge yourself without judging yourself, without blaming circumstances is a habit to be taken to live in peace. If you get stuck, lost a job or a customer, an incident, a separation or something else, do not focus on what's wrong. This only amplifies the suffering or the blockage and does not advance the train of the demonstration. On the contrary, accept with clemency and humility what comes into play, then focus on understanding what can create that and transform. Visualize what you really want to live and feel the joy of living it. Recognize that you may have been wrong or that you were not aligned with your values and that you could even allow others to lower you for lack of respect for yourself or faith, or inner strength ... Maybe at first, it's just a sense... 

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It is time to stop hiding something from someone

This is the day of your liberation. Whatever you are keeping from another is not worth withholding. It will eat away at you if you are not careful. It can do more harm to you than "telling" ever would. Speak your truth, but soothe your words with peace. Reveal what you've been keeping secret. In the end, transparency is best, although it may feel uncomfortable for a while. Neale Donald Walsch

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The Art of Living

Our nature encourages us to seek happiness without respite. It is like a hunger in us, an irrepressible impulse, a hope that nourishes our days and our dreams. And then, at times, it arises from the depths of our hearts, without necessarily being attached to a particular circumstance, sometimes even in the middle of a difficult moment. It is a bubble of emptiness, a moment suspended, a lightness that has its weight, a presence. It is our hunger that finds its object, our pursuit, its reward and justification. It is Art that opens in the heart of our life. I want to believe that everyone has been able to experience it, men but also animals, everything that brings life, why not plants? Why not the cat suddenly subjugated, the light leaf that throbs in the breeze in the light of dawn? ... Is... 

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Our thoughts that materialize

"Regarding the matter, we were wrong. What we have called matter is only energy that has slowed down its vibration in order to be perceptible to our senses. There is no matter. " - Albert Einstein Humanity is becoming more and more conscious of it: All is energy. Which means that our thoughts, our words and our actions are. And if our thoughts carry an energy, they have a power of attraction and repulsion, we agree? According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. Already, it's stunning, but wait. 95% of these thoughts are the same as the day before and 80% of them are negative. Let's talk about the 95% repetitive first. On the one hand, it's almost alarming. On the other hand, it's normal. This... 

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