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Terms of Use

How it works


You have the opportunity to participate in the website content by writing your own articles.

Reality-Choice is freely accessible to everyone and offers to provide information it deems relevant and share them.

This may be part of a political, ecological, medical news, a discovery, an information, a channeling, etc., … no matter if it provides an opening to the world about what is true or hidden and can offer us an opportunity to change our view of ourselves and the world.

To write your article, it’s easy : complete administration is proposed. You submit your information by indicating the category, title, content and source of information.
No fear, dare to take the plunge!

Article validation

For validation of your article, we must impose some rules so that content quality remains :

  • Carefully choose the related category:
    • Spirituality: information related to personal development, beliefs – excluding channeling
    • General: news of the world, media, politics, news stories, revelations, etc. …
    • Editorial: article representing an opinion, a personal sensitivity (especially yours)
    • Channeling: mediumship messages
  • The article must be related to the theme of the site
  • Take care of the editorial content (spelling, syntax, grammar, accents …)
  • The presentation of the article must be clear (preview ticket before sending)
  • Remove extraneous information, especially after a copy-paste
  • The source of information is important. Thank you to respect copyright

Refusal of an article

The conditions below summarize the reasons leading to a refusal to publish an article :

  • Category inadequate – eg spirituality instead of channeling
  • Article with a bad writing (spelling, layout, bad copy-paste, etc. …)
  • Article with a problem of copyright
  • Article expressing a personal opinion not sufficiently documented
  • Article off topic – not related to the theme
  • Article without usable information
  • Article describing wrong facts or not argued
  • Article confused – not clear
  • Defamatory article
  • Pornographic article
  • Commercial article
  • Article with advertisements
  • Article encouraging hate, racism, sexism, homophobia
  • Article already submitted


  • The article is immediately published. Be sure to preview and adjust if necessary before sending it.
  • The first image of your article will be used to generate the preview image on the main page.
  • Only images of type jpg and png are accepted in order to reduce server load and bandwidth.
  • You can find images directly on Google Images or Pixabay (free images)
  • You can insert images with 3 different formats
    • centered
    • on the right
    • on the left
  • If your image is centered rather choose a large image: a width of 590 pixels is perfect
  • If you want to display images you have on your PC, you must first make them available on the Internet. There are various sites that offer this service.
    Ex: – you can then retrieve the direct url of this image and use one of the ‘image’ buttons to display in your article
  • If you want to embed a video from websites, or, you can use the related button :

It’s your turn !

Your nickname will be the reference of the article, with a link on your profile. Feel free to communicate or not personal information (biography, website …).

Thank you for your participation.


Your article is published automatically. More info here. Use the Preview button as many times as necessary to achieve a homogeneous and pleasant presentation.
You can login to link articles to your profile page.

Thank you!

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